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NOTICE on Order Deadlines for Christmas Delivery December 01 2016


3:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) Friday 12/09/2016 is the VERY LAST day for orders with FREE ECONOMY SHIPPING

3:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) Friday 12/16/2016 is the VERY LAST day for orders with PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING.

Please be certain to choose the appropriate shipping option when placing your order.  Orders placed after these deadlines will be shipped as quickly as possible (using the shipping option you selected), but will probably not arrive in time for your Christmas Day gift opening tradition.

Also, please note that neither shipping option is GUARANTEED by UPS or USPS.  That means it may not arrive within the USPS-specified timeframe.  I will do my best to quickly ship your order, but I cannot be responsible for delays caused by UPS or USPS. If you need a guaranteed arrival date, ORDER EARLY.  Or you may contact me to discuss an additional shipping fee to cover the increased cost of a guaranteed service.


FREE ECONOMY SHIPPING!!! November 18 2014

You can now choose Free Economy shipping for US orders.   I have adjusted my prices to include a flat amount to cover shipping costs.  Orders using the Free Economy Shipping option will be shipped via USPS parcel post, and will usually arrive within 2 to 10 days of fulfillment.

USPS Priority Mail is still an option for an additional charge.  Orders using the Priority Mail option will usually arrive within 1-3 days of fulfillment.

Both shipping options include insurance.

Discounts on multiple pigs! October 29 2014

Just in time for the gift-giving season, you can now get big discounts for ordering multiple piggies in one transaction!  And these little piggies make GREAT gifts... so get one for everyone on your list!


Here are the discount codes:

PIGfan: 10% off orders over $75

bigPIGfan: 15% off orders over $150

REALLYbigPIGfan: 20% off orders over $300

reallyREALLYbigPIGfan: 25% off orders over $450


Just enter the code during checkout and see how much you save!


Happy saving! steph

Announcing new hours at Pike Place Market! September 23 2014

After a few years of tumult, turmoil & turnover among my sales staff, I've decided to try something new: I'm going to scale back a little.  Effective immediately, my booth on the craft line at Pike Place Market will be open on Mondays & Fridays only. 

On those days, you will find me, yours truly, hawking the piggy banks that I made with my own two hands. If you & your kids want to meet the person who made the pig that they so dearly love - you now know exactly where & when to find me: Mondays & Fridays from 10am to 5pm on the daystall craft line at Pike Place Market :-)

But what if you need a Pike Place Pigs piggy bank on a Wednesday? Or a Saturday?  Not to worry!  You will still have 24/7 access via the usual on-line channels: There is this very website (  There is our Facebook store.  And there is Just search for Pike Place Pigs on both of those sites.

Don't want to wait a couple of days for shipping... then head on down to Pike Place Market, regardless of the day of the week, because you will also be able to pick up a Pike Place Pig at The Soap Box, a bricks & mortar store with a door in the Soames-Dunne building across the street from the craft line on the main arcade of Pike Place Market.  The Soap Box is open Monday thru Saturday 10am to 6pm, and on Sunday 10am to 5pm.

Happy saving, steph

Lower prices on shipping! September 02 2014

I've dropped the price on what I charge for shipping.  Put a piggy in your cart & see how much it will cost to ship it out to you!

New!! International Shipping! September 15 2013

International Shipping is now available!

Got stamp card? June 19 2013

Hey. Do you have a "Buy 5, Get 1" stamp card that you picked up when you bought a piggy at my Pike Place Market booth? Are you wondering how to redeem it online? I'm wondering that same thing. I haven't quite figured out how to honor the stamp cards on the website without losing my shirt (which I need, btw ;).

Until I figure that out, I propose this: When you order a pig (or pigs) on my website, I will include a new card with the appropriate # of stamps on it. When you have 5 stamps on any number of cards... you snail-mail said cards to me at the address listed on the other side of the card. Please include your name & email address with the cards. When I receive them, I will email you to ask you what sort of free piggy you want & to ask you to send me a little something ($12 for piglets or medium pigs. More for big pigs. Less for tiny pigs) via paypal to cover the cost of shipping & handling.

Any questions? Shoot me an email.

Wanna buy 5 pigs all in one order on the website? Fantastic! Shoot me an email after you finish your order to tell me what sort of free piggy you want & I'll include it with the shipment of the 5 pigs you just bought.

Any questions? my email is above.

Happy Saving! steph

Tell me about your Pig! February 26 2012 5 Comments

I just got the best note from JS in Wisconsin!  It was attached to an order for a personalized medium piggy bank. 

Here it is: "This is incredible! I believe I saw your stand at the market a month ago while I was visiting Seattle for a week. A few weeks later after returning home, I thought a piggy bank would be an awesome wedding gift for a friend. I was kicking myself that I hadn't bought one or gotten your contact information while I was in Seattle. After countless internet searches, I can't tell you how happy I am to have found your website! You have by far the most beautiful, tasteful piggy banks available! Thank you so much!!!"

Dark Blue Medium Pig with the inscription: "R & M"

I LOVE hearing about how much people love my piggy banks!  If you love your pig, tell me about it by posting a comment here.  Just click on the "continue reading" link below.  There's space for a comment at the bottom of the page.

Happy Saving! steph