WINTER Seattle rain isn't a thing that I must endure this year. There are so, so many horrid things about COVID, but the one not-horrible thing (I will NOT call it a good thing; there are NO good things about 4K Americans dying EVERY day from what is essentially a preventable disease) is that I am not tied to my studio, producing the next generation of Pike Place Pigs. So, I'll be back in the spring. I'm taking my dogs & heading for warmer, drier climes in my RV. May you & yours find a way to hang on to your sanity in these strange, strange times. I am hopeful, though, that we will begin to move toward better times, better lives sometime soon after tomorrow. In the meantime... I'll see you around the end of march/ beginning of April. Peace. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Get an automatic 20% discount on orders over $47 until the pigs return to Pike Place Market daystalls, likely when King County moves to Phase 4 of the COVID Recovery Plan. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ By all means, PLEASE place an order! It'll help me feed myself & these sweet puppy dogs while we're out appreciating America's natural beauty. I just wanted you to know that it'll be a while 'til you see that pig! Follow me on instagram or Facebook to witness this ill-conceived boondoggle. @pikeplacepigs ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can help the economically vulnerable Market community by making a donation to the Pike Place Market Foundation. Just click on this big pink box to be redirected to their website. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you! Stay safe & healthy!


Welcome to Pike Place Pigs!

For a kid, a piggy bank is more than just a place to put pennies. It represents endless possibilities. Your piggy bank inspires dreams of what you will do with the money you are saving. It teaches you to think ahead and plan. For kids beginning to learn the value of money, a piggy bank makes saving fun.  See that pig in the center, just above?  The one that sort of looks like my pigs, but is different?  It looks different because my uncle made that piggy bank for me when I was six years old (a long, long time ago).  I instantly fell in love with that pig, and that uncle instantly became my hero.  I remember that bank changing the way I looked at money.  Suddenly, every penny had potential.

But it's not just kids who enjoy piggy banks.  Even for adults, a piggy bank is a bit of nostalgia, reminding you of the days when finding a few coins under the couch cushions could excite you.

Regardless of age, piggy banks are just good, plain fun for everyone!

On this site, you will find beautiful hand-made traditional ceramic piggy banks with cork noses. I make each of these pigs, one at a time, in my studio (AKA my renovated garage). They are inspired by my uncle's gift.  They are named for the place where I first offered these piggy banks for sale... Historic & world-famous Pike Place Market in the heart of Seattle, WA. Since 2006, visitors to Pike Place Market (tourists from all over the world & local Seattlites) have embraced these little piggies and taken them home to delight eager savers, young & old. 

They will make someone in your life very, very happy.

Go ahead... Be a hero!

Happy saving! steph