WINTER Seattle rain isn't a thing that I must endure this year. There are so, so many horrid things about COVID, but the one not-horrible thing (I will NOT call it a good thing; there are NO good things about 4K Americans dying EVERY day from what is essentially a preventable disease) is that I am not tied to my studio, producing the next generation of Pike Place Pigs. So, I'll be back in the spring. I'm taking my dogs & heading for warmer, drier climes in my RV. May you & yours find a way to hang on to your sanity in these strange, strange times. I am hopeful, though, that we will begin to move toward better times, better lives sometime soon after tomorrow. In the meantime... I'll see you around the end of march/ beginning of April. Peace. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Get an automatic 20% discount on orders over $47 until the pigs return to Pike Place Market daystalls, likely when King County moves to Phase 4 of the COVID Recovery Plan. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ By all means, PLEASE place an order! It'll help me feed myself & these sweet puppy dogs while we're out appreciating America's natural beauty. I just wanted you to know that it'll be a while 'til you see that pig! Follow me on instagram or Facebook to witness this ill-conceived boondoggle. @pikeplacepigs ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can help the economically vulnerable Market community by making a donation to the Pike Place Market Foundation. Just click on this big pink box to be redirected to their website. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you! Stay safe & healthy!


Announcing new hours at Pike Place Market!

Stephanie Shull

After a few years of tumult, turmoil & turnover among my sales staff, I've decided to try something new: I'm going to scale back a little.  Effective immediately, my booth on the craft line at Pike Place Market will be open on Mondays & Fridays only. 

On those days, you will find me, yours truly, hawking the piggy banks that I made with my own two hands. If you & your kids want to meet the person who made the pig that they so dearly love - you now know exactly where & when to find me: Mondays & Fridays from 10am to 5pm on the daystall craft line at Pike Place Market :-)

But what if you need a Pike Place Pigs piggy bank on a Wednesday? Or a Saturday?  Not to worry!  You will still have 24/7 access via the usual on-line channels: There is this very website (  There is our Facebook store.  And there is Just search for Pike Place Pigs on both of those sites.

Don't want to wait a couple of days for shipping... then head on down to Pike Place Market, regardless of the day of the week, because you will also be able to pick up a Pike Place Pig at The Soap Box, a bricks & mortar store with a door in the Soames-Dunne building across the street from the craft line on the main arcade of Pike Place Market.  The Soap Box is open Monday thru Saturday 10am to 6pm, and on Sunday 10am to 5pm.

Happy saving, steph

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