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Got stamp card?

Stephanie Shull

Hey. Do you have a "Buy 5, Get 1" stamp card that you picked up when you bought a piggy at my Pike Place Market booth? Are you wondering how to redeem it online? I'm wondering that same thing. I haven't quite figured out how to honor the stamp cards on the website without losing my shirt (which I need, btw ;).

Until I figure that out, I propose this: When you order a pig (or pigs) on my website, I will include a new card with the appropriate # of stamps on it. When you have 5 stamps on any number of cards... you snail-mail said cards to me at the address listed on the other side of the card. Please include your name & email address with the cards. When I receive them, I will email you to ask you what sort of free piggy you want & to ask you to send me a little something ($12 for piglets or medium pigs. More for big pigs. Less for tiny pigs) via paypal to cover the cost of shipping & handling.

Any questions? Shoot me an email.

Wanna buy 5 pigs all in one order on the website? Fantastic! Shoot me an email after you finish your order to tell me what sort of free piggy you want & I'll include it with the shipment of the 5 pigs you just bought.

Any questions? my email is above.

Happy Saving! steph

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