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Personalize your Pig!

Pike Place Pigs

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Personalize your Pig!
Personalize your Pig!

Add a name or short saying to your pig!  For the low, low price of only $7.00 per side per pig, you can make it uniquely yours with a personal inscription!  I make this inscription in the wet clay while I am making your pig.  It is permanent.

When choosing your pig, type in your custom message for the left or right side in the provided fields. Then add this product to your cart for that amount. For example, if you are buying a Big Big Pig with "Happy Birthday, Alexandria!" on the left, and "Good luck with your new job!" on the right, you would specify a quantity of "2". 

If you're purchasing more than one pig, don't forget to increase the quantity for the total number of inscriptions on your order!

"Personalize your Pig" must be ordered in addition to a piggy bank. It cannot be ordered alone.

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