An itty-bitty, teeny-tiny piggy bank.  Not much good for saving money... it only holds a few pennies or dimes, and you have to shake them back out of the slot when you want your money back since the nose it too small... But, wow!  It sure is cute!  It also makes a perfect addition to a salt & pepper pig set as a tooth pick holder or a red pepper flake shaker. "Pike Place" inscribed on one side of each pig, "Seattle" inscribed on the other side.


NEW:  each newborn now comes with a wire hanger that you can use to display it on your Christmas tree.  (The wire is easily removed if you don't want to display it this way.)


Please keep in mind that each pig is individually hand-made and hand-glazed. Variations in raw materials make for variations in the finished product. Additionally, I am not a robot; the slightest variation in technique can result in a notable difference in the finished product. It's what makes every piece of pottery unique.

I strive for consistency, but your pig may be different from the pig featured in the photo. This is especially true for these colors: mocha, shadow green, moss black, light blue & gray.

Think of it this way: no one else in the whole wide world has a pig exactly like yours!

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