Big Big Pig


Hand-made ceramic piggy bank with a cork nose. Coins are deposited through a slot on the top of the pig. Access to your savings is gained by removing the cork nose.  Dimensions: approximately 7" tall x 8" long x 4" wide. Holds roughly $300-$400 US in assorted coins.

Please keep in mind that each pig is individually hand-made and hand-glazed. Variations in raw materials make for variations in the finished product. Additionally, I am not a robot; the slightest variation in technique can result in a notable difference in the finished product. It's what makes every piece of pottery unique.

I strive for consistency, but your pig may be different from the pig featured in the photo. This is especially true for these colors: mocha, shadow green, ivory, moss black, dark blue, light blue & gray.

Think of it this way: no one else in the whole wide world has a pig exactly like yours!